X3 office by Ezzo

Posted on October 16, 2013

X3 office is one of the most interesting design projects I’ve seen lately. Envisioned as a shelter of creativity and relaxation, this place that looks nothing like a typical, dull IT office, was designed with the employees in mind.


When you enter its starts ironically with a sign saying: “Are you serious?” and then another one “Beware of geeks” staring at you from the entrance door. The place looks like a playground for adults designed by Ezzo Design studio from Romania.

The office displays an interesting mix of vintage and industrial elements and it occupies the second floor of the building, the third floor and the attic. Each floor is personalized and it surprises you with its warmth and particularities. Although it is a space designed for offices, the atmosphere that wraps up the room is relaxing. Framed in wood and shabby-chic floors, the industrial pendants, not to mention that piece of wood pierced by screws in a shape that reveals the identity of this office placed on 3 levels: a café, an office and a lounge, under the same roof, but under a different dimension: [e-spres-oh].”

Although, its seems like being an advertisement office, this breezy, creative and informal space is the shelter of IT specialists. The idea was to establish a relationship between the employee and the work environment, there’s a good chance to increase the levels of efficiency and the effectiveness. To keep this sense of breeziness and an informal ambience, designers wanted to deliver a place that grabs some of the familiar elements that made the IT team so efficient in its work. They managed to capture the essence of a coffee shop, yet they didn’t stop there, identifying the team’s needs and adapted the place to those specific requests.

There is also a place that everybody compliments, but also avoids.  A suspended net over the attic is a place of relaxation. Surely you will need to overcome some fears to be able to relax there, but when you do it becomes a place of pure beauty and joy




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