Some ideas how to color interior walls

Posted on August 28, 2014

Walls with soft colors

A bright dining room from the dusty tones just mentioned. The walls that, at first appear white, are actually a pale blue. A solution that enhances the architectural elements large and small windows with mullions molded Art Nouveau, skirting and white stucco dividing wall and ceiling.

Examples of colored walls

In the image the ecological paints suitable finishes for both the interior and the exterior of the English Farrow & Ball. Represented here by a balanced combination of green and gray tones. The white floor visually enlarges the space, while the colored ceiling makes it more intimate and hushed.

Colorfull living room walls

Designed in tandem with architects (karhard® architektur + design) and experts of colors (Vert and MV S. Stein), a Berlin apartment puts the stove in the center. It depicts the back wall of red brick, carpet color scheme taken from old fashion. The white casing is broken by the wall on the green background ideally water that borders the kitchen.

Colored walls in spriti of 60s

A color palette inspired by the high-impact plastics, typical of the 60s. In the picture on the wall, painting HY 7336 MimetiKa Baldini Paints: Washable, Super opaque matt finish with excellent whiteness. Due to the low efficiency of the powder is ideal for plasterboard walls.

Painting with sponge

The Spanish study Didomestic signing this minimum space interspersed with sliding partitions bicolor. A rack blue-green pink framed panels decorated with the technique of sponging. In this case were chosen two colors ‘distant’ from each other, creating a contrast of character. The special effects obtainable that different tools are a painter, in addition to spugnato visible here, the spatula, the marbled, venetian plaster, the veiled, etc..

Opaque walls

MATmotion of Novacolor is an enamel mural super-washable, with low retention dirt and deeply opaque. A finish that binds well to this palette of greens ancient, sophisticated, with accents of blue and now associated with mineral water in the world now. Black points out the nuances of the greens.

Matching wall colors

A real wall project is proposed by Oikos Group which, in 2014, celebrates 30 years in business. Specializing in murals from ecological and decorative power, here offers a series Textures, declined in a palette played around the complementarity between red and green.

Vintage walls

In this space characterized by the presence of wood (parquet and writing) – the role of color is left to the chair fiery red and gray-green wall. The color choices, combined with a restful neutral white, are in this case slightly conflicting, designed to handle the environment.

Interior walls colors

Alpha Nakrè: decorative finish to water, textured and iridescent effect produced by Sikkens. It contains pigments ‘interference’ with striking color variations that give depth and character to a delicate palette as the one played between pink and purple.

Decorative paints

Klondike is a water-based paint to VALPAINT applicable to various surfaces, with solutions of unique colors and shades. The decorated surfaces include metal fragments that create effects gold, silver and oxidized for use with a palete brown that softens the whole.

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