Some amazing and awarded bathrooms by Agape

Posted on April 12, 2016

There is no space that expresses the spirit of a better bathroom design, unique place for functionality that embodies and emotions it evokes than Agape.
Their portfolio is a selection of international projects chosen for their expressive force and quality of construction. These works are born from the collaboration with renowned architects and designers awarded. A series of bathroom interpretations, classical and more contemporary, with warm atmospheres or conceived as a vigorous and eclectic environments. Each of these areas bears the unmistakable mark of the aesthetic of Agape research.

Country: Francia
Designer: B’bath, J.Sellgren Décoration, 2013


The top floor of an office building becomes a large loft opened the rooftops of Paris. The project, followed by the owner and designer Johanna Sellgren, resulted in a substantial redefinition of the spaces. With the demolition of some walls was created a huge living room with kitchen, while the sleeping area includes two bedrooms with their bathrooms. It is precisely the latter part of the house to reveal fully the spirit sensational intervention.
In particular, in the master bedroom to the bathroom view it is high on some sort of stage of Carrara marble-clad and almost assumes the value of a staging.
At the center of this island lives Spoon bath designed by Benedini Associati – here with Fez taps and accompanied by Cooper, the stainless steel band with sliding curtain that allows you to stand apart in the oasis of daily well-being. Complete the construction of the basin Bjhon 2 with Fez taps.
Taste less theatrical and more contemporary, the second bathroom is a harmonious blend of colors and materials. Against the backdrop of fun geometry tile we find the Vieques bathtub designed by Patricia Urquiola, here in its two-tone version in perfect symmetry with the color frames. In the same line in column washbasin, always with Fez taps in matt white.
In the last room of the house it is instead placed the basin Lito 1 designed by Angelo Mangiarotti, made from a single block of Carrara marble and equipped with Fez taps.

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Photo: Didier Delmas

Country: Emirati Arabi Uniti
Desginer: RPW Design, 2010
Type: hotel

Hyatt Capital Gate Abu Dhabi is a futuristic hotel occupying 16 floors of ‘Capital Gate building, the skyscraper with the highest in the world tilt. For the 200-suite bathrooms we have been chosen the iconic Hot Spoon.

Country: Italy
Designer: Patricia Urquiola, 2009
Type: Private home


Elegant space in the center of Milan, curated by Patricia Urquiola in the master bath has added a hot Pear and the Flat XL system with sink Satin, protagonists of a place to be experienced.
Photo: Max Zambelli

Country: United Kingdom
Architect: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, 2010
Type: Residential
Neo Bankside, next to Tate Modern on the South Bank of the Thames, is a major residential complex of 5 buildings with a total of over 200 housing units, designed by Pritzker Prize Richard Rogers; It is one of the most representative projects of urban transformation under way in the area of Southwark in London.

Photo: Alex Wilson

Country: New Zealand
Designer: Fearon Hay Architects Ltd., Penny Hay Ltd., 2011
Type: Private home
Immersed in the idyllic setting and yet inhospitable of Huraki Gulf Island Retreat is a house conceived as a camp, consisting of 3 units covered by a single roof. ideal context to emphasize the simplicity of Vieques bathtub.

Photo: Patrick Reynolds

Country: Puerto Rico
Designer: Patricia Urquiola, 2010
Type: hotel

Patricia Urquiola has created for the W brand’s exclusive wellness oasis with its own identity and in tune with the nature that surrounds him. The collaboration between Agape and designers has created the Vieques bathtub, ready made homage to the bathtub of yesteryear where design and innovation meet the luxury of simplicity.

Photo: Ruy Teixeira

Country: United States
Designer Alexandra Champalimaud, 2012
Type: hotel
Loved by legendary characters like Cole Porter and gangster Bugsy, the Waldorf Astoria on Park Avenue is a true New York icon. When he was born, in 1931, it was the largest hotel in the world and today these origins are still evident in the architecture and decor, with their Art Deco recalls. This historic site has been the subject of a major restoration done by the study of Alexandra Champalimaud – the acclaimed interior designer of Portuguese origin to which the authors of many prestigious renovations.

It is also the sumptuous suites with breathtaking views of the Chrysler Building, where it takes an extremely important role Ufo, the stylish bathtub in steel designed by Benedini Associati, in full harmony with the local style, combining hi-tech and glamour .

Photo: Michael Weber

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