Scandinavian trends for 2016

Posted on February 16, 2016

Scandinavian style is not a new trend, but once in a while, many interior designers choose to use it as inspiration for their projects. Neutral wall and backdrops, wood-made pieces, simple details and statement pieces are characteristic of this style. Scandinavian design implies elegant, chic, and minimalistic spaces. These kind of spaces that, despite of looking very “cold” and “winterish”, can give you a feeling of comfort and happiness.

Who doesn’t want to be elegant and chic, and feel good at home? A quote characterize this design style is: “You don’t need to much to be cool!” Don’t you agree?

Monochrome artwork 

It’s not surprise that Sweden turns toward monochrome artwork, like in this Gothenburg home, considering that the rest of their home will stay in realm black and white. Surely we’d love to see those graphic artworks among interspersed among more colorful pieces.



Slatted walls

There is something so serenely in slatted walls, almost like you are hiding away in cabin or you are just about to spend the most relaxing  hour in the sauna.



Minimalist bedroom

Minimalist meets cool. A simple white bed with fun details such as the frames on the wall, the haul and a teddy bear sitting on a chair. Details in different colors make a huge difference and give personality to any space.




What kid wouldn’t be delightful to fall asleep under this wooden stick tent? Finish designer Susanna Vento created monochrome bed completed with adorable tented canopy.

tent-ems (1)


Tape as decor

Blogger An Magrit use this black, of course, tape to hand poster in her kitchen. Seems very practical as you can change the image when even you like and its still graphic enough to make a statement by itself.



Black and white pillows: stripes and crosses 

After years of chevron, we are eager for stripes, specially when they come in Scandinavian black and white



Iconic paper lanterns 

Its seems they been here for ages. Some of the iconic pieces are Isamu Noguchi lighting sculpture or even more popular George Nelson pendant lamp.



Bold, metallic lighting

Irrespective of style and theme, here is one trend that seems to be topping the trends charts all across the globe – bright, copper pendants. We are not sure if it is the glorious revival of industrial style or the creative genius of designers such as Tom Dixon or a combination of both that led to this new-found passion for all things copper! But a glittering pendant light with metallic beauty makes an even bolder visual statement, thanks to the picture-perfect white backdrop that Scandinavian style offers. Do not limit yourself only to globe pendants and copper. Explore other metallic finishes. If all else fails, black is another classy, contemporary option.



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  • Matt Tanner
    February 19, 2016 (3:24 am)

    The long winters and subtle light of the higher latitudes of the northern hemisphere mean strong colours have more impact. It doesn’t mean, however, that no colour should be present. Without colour a minimalist scheme can overdo that “clean” feeling and just become sterile. Colour can be a very powerful tool in a “Scandinavian” or minimal interior and these days too many designers are afraid to use it. In my book confident use of colour always results in a more sophisticated interior.

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