Protection of design

Posted on October 14, 2013

When originals are appreciated, copies are everywhere!

These days we are all attracted to replica goods. It might be a football shirt; a pair of sunglasses or designer watch or piece of timeless furniture object, most shoppers have been tempted to fake it.DesignChairs02

It’s so easy to buy a fake. There’s probably a range of rip-offs on offer at your local weekend market. Faking is so open and available that there are even freely opened sites that are selling fake goods.  Pleeeenty of them.

The most of fake’s pieces are made in China, India or Indonesia. Than it seem so funny seeing Chinese cashing a lot for Louis Vitton suitcases at La piazza Duomo, having troubles carrying them around airport. Why not just buying it at home (if they are so good)?! I keep wonder..


Once in history masterpieces were appreciated, as much as artists it selves. Not to mention the possibility to select the one that shall posses your piece of art. That were the times.. Now days so many fakes make us change our perception about designed pieces and quality of goods we are buying. Makes us think that nothing is long-lasting, so why paying for it?!  Those lucky, whose eyes is selective and knows how to appreciate or recognize ideas, love and passion transformed into piece of art are those that are not wondering is it worthy or not to select the quality and appreciate the process of creation.  But those that are never sure, even when ready to cash out surely should follow one simple advice:  when there are many different colors, sizes and possibility to choose surely you are not getting for yourself original piece.

Before buying fake products you shall think about potential risk.  A replica item might be poor quality and you are unlikely to get a refund if something goes wrong. It could be worse. Fakes don’t have to pass any safety checks, so they could be downright dangerous.  It has been known, for example, some even add urine in perfume and industrial strength ethylated spirit in vodka. Fake children’s toys are often unsafe, as are electrical items. And would you really trust a pair of fake designer sunglasses that has zero UV protection in the most of the cases. Than we shall develop some social responsibility, and keeping our open eyes knowing that most of the fake products are made by children that are victimized and under pressure of criminal groups willing to gain fast money.


Furniture is copied in any sense and those that are doing mostly excel architecture instead of environment one are those that are reaching to build up public spaces with unsecure but well budgeted projects. Seems like we are all agreed with fact that there is not timeless pieces anymore and that success of each artist is measured by number of fake copies. Mies-Barcelona-Chair-and-Ottoman

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