Place where elegance starts: Carine in Podgorica, Montenegro

Posted on December 19, 2013
Sure there is more interesting and designed bars&restaurants in region of Montenegro, but what we really appreciated  was the fact that this was one of the first places in such a small but unique country that offered not just quality of service and tasteful food, but as well a touch of design and high class seatings. Andreu World’s products were selected (one of our most favorable): Manila chair and for the lounge area the RDL model
The whole space gives a warm feeling being designed and covered in a timber  panels, semi-opened on the walls and ceiling at the same time. An amazing feature was library  filled with singular items in pastel colors, with a fake fireplaces on the TV screen (kind of the solution?! brbrbr), climbing up and covering half of the ceiling making this place purely magnificent.
Do not miss to have a look at the other rooms, which are carefully selected and designed, but in this occasion we choose this Italian part to enjoy and write about.
Now days in Podgorica there are people really carrying about details and interior design, almost constantly having this huge competition who will offer more and better. Each place is story for itself. Perhaps AW’s chairs are the reason for such an interesting competition among themselves. We simply gave them more of a reason to improve their ideas and thoughts.

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