Make small spaces wider with high contrast finishes

Posted on October 25, 2015

This lovely apartment  in Ukraine was envisioned by architects Andriy Hir and Oksana Sinkevych . Integrating city views was the main request of the clients, a couple who wanted to maximize the space.

The owners also sought more storage space and a private sleeping area. Their budget dictated that the project team go with a minimalist and simple design. The black-and-white palette makes the apartment feel airy and sophisticated.

The social area combines the kitchen, dining and sitting areas in an open plan. A special reading nook was placed next to the window, where the owners can enjoy the view of the city. Only two elements were used to separate the distinct areas of the apartment: different flooring materials and a suspended dining table.

The cozy bedroom was creatively hidden from sight in a separate volume that can be closed off using wooden panels.

modern-apartment-16 modern-apartment-21 modern-apartment-51 modern-apartment-62 modern-apartment-71 modern-apartment-102
[Photography by Michail Melnichenko]

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