“Glamping” in South Korea: the tent is luxurious

Posted on February 15, 2014

The eco-friendly, made with environmentally friendly materials, waterproof and fireproof, these tents 5-star are designed to Archiworkshop (Hee-Jun Sim, Su-Jeong Park), an emerging design house based in South Korea’s Yang-Pyeong . Thanks to their forms to “worm” and “peanut” is suitable for all soil types and all seasons. In addition, you can stretch and shrink at will without altering the interior, who are treated and refined as those a real luxury home. A product for a trend, that of “glamorous camping,” which is catching on all over the world

124226020-d28fb2d5-3ca0-4e9e-9a62-480d7669ae79Entitled Glamping for Glampers, the tents are named after the growing trend for “glamorous campsites” where visitors can sleep in tents but don’t have to go without domestic amenities including toilets and kitchen facilities.

124225276-f68ba568-ae8d-4102-ac7e-6b8e0751c0a9ArchiWorkshop designed two types of tent for the rural site, which is surrounded by mountains. The first has a long curving form that can be extended, while the second has a hollow circular plan designed to reference the shapes of pebbles.

The architects designed custom sofa beds for the inside of the tents and a Korean artist has painted a series of partition walls that screen toilets at the rear.


124224741-c46e1ad4-d6d6-4855-aa28-ff6e3251320fWhy not create a Glamping that gives people a chance to experience nature closer, while also providing a uniquely designed architecture experience? These questions led to the creation of Glamping Architecture in Korea – a place where nature, ecological values, comfort and modern design are combined for an exciting adventure.124225548-04c46e2c-e00e-4455-aa08-1dbd23387939



Each Glamping unit has toilet booth with art wall finish, which is painted by young Korean artist. The furniture is also designed by ArchiWorkshop which suits well in the limited inner area. The folding furniture becomes sitting sofa during the day and sleeping bed at night.

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