Fabulous NUB by Ms Patrizia

Posted on August 2, 2014
  • http://youtu.be/wausWCClOBs

Spanish-born architect Patricia Urquiola has designed ‘nub’, a seating object for spanish furniture manufacturer Andreu world.
the armchair and lounger is a graphic take on a traditional windsor chair consisting of spindles with undulating thicknesses.
the idea came from Urquiola watching her grandmother making lace with bobbins — the forms of which intrigued her from a young age.

The solid beech structures are made from reforested 100% sustainable wood, the only kind used by Andreu world.
steel or wood legs hold up the seat and over-sized back, resulting in unusual but playful proportions.

Nub is the result of a sophisticated cabinet-making process, updated with great care in a contemporary manner. The project’s essential element is not so much the cylindrical bars, but rather the pleasant widening of the bars in the backrest at the height of the lumbar region, an alternating rhythm that grants recognition to the project, offering materiality and a three-dimensional quality to the chair.

nub02 nub04 nub05 nub06 nub08 nub09b

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