Classy but cheap – matt&metallic

Posted on May 5, 2016

The kitchen  is place where family like to spend time the most. So for the designers this is one of the most important part of project. Sometimes it turns very expensive. Now there is a boom of totally new materials that helps designers and their clients too, to find solution that would be satisfying for the both in aesthetic and also in budget way. There is a lot of brands that start to produced matt and metallic veneer which gives to the furniture  classy note and dash of elegance. Ether you choose metallic or matt surface you can’t be wrong. Check out our suggestions!

Black queen: matt black fronts with shiny black oven and details in matt aluminium.

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Copper – the new gold: fronts are from the copper veneer with very minimalism line in design.


Frozen: use the matt aluminium veneer and stone worktops and everybody will envy you.


Be bold, try something new. In fair in Milan I have seen this expensive kitchen that gives me an idea to experiment something… I’ll give you a little hint: matt front and metallic edging… Stay tuned…

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