WOW progetti d'interni


 Our creativity is limitless. We offer complete high quality solutions for all type of interior design needs. Our international team of designers and architects together with local craftsmen and subcontractors are managing different aspect from scratch up to fully equipped space.

WOW Progetti d’Interni is specialized in precision-fit custom design. We get together group of innovative people that becomes a leading service contractor and has a legacy of success in providing a full range of services in producing stores, offices, hotel furniture or your private home/villa.


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For all of her cool-headed elegance, Maja Glisic is not afraid to make a statement.  Famed for her intrepid cherry-picking abilities in remote corners of the world, Maja constantly is carting back rare textiles and art. With some clients she develops long-term relationships. Walk through a space designed by Maja, and you won’t just envy the owners their home, you’ll covet their lifestyle.

The seamless mix of texture, shape and color speaks to an existence that will seem lighter, brighter and cooler than your own — all while feeling perfectly natural and unforced.