Beautiful..but for what it serves?

Posted on August 21, 2014

A Greek architect, Katerina Kamprani for years delights in re-designing everyday objects, transforming them into pieces without utility, which, however, retain their shape (and intent) original. In this image, a watering … that dries the plants.



The goal is to remove objects usability and make them uncomfortable, absurd, often unnecessary and frustrating for those who try to bring them back to their original use. As these salt and pepper format hourglass impossible to use it for a long time.



A button “chubby”: how to sew a dress? The photos of his creations from the museum are viral on Reddit and Facebook and last April, the artist has also participated in the Fuorisalone in Milan, showing the public his creations.



The objects of the kitchen are among the most present in the productions of Katerina Kamprani. Here the glass of wine from which it is impossible to drink.



Even the spoon, half covered, is unusable.



In theory it would be possible to shelter from the rain with this umbrella, if only you could keep it on the head … it is entirely concrete.



Rain boots sandal model: the water does not come on the calves, but comes directly from the tips.



A chair “on the back of the cat,” beautiful but extremely uncomfortable.



And a chair that catapult forward and down those who try to sit down.


The back seat splits in two, preventing to sit comfortably.


A candle next to useless: it can not melt the wax entirely.


Doors and locks at different levels: try to cross them is a business.







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