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Wooden carpets by Elisa Strozyk

Those kind of products you are not expecting to see in anyones room..but they are simply astonishing. Selected wooden carpets are designed by German designer Elisa Strozyk. They are made from laser cut differently coloured veneer offcuts, the carpet lies flatly on the floor yet it appears three-dimensional thanks to brilliantly designed triangular veneer pieces ...

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Hubcaps animals

Ptolemy Elrington knows exactly what to do with all of those wheel hubcaps you see littering the side of the highway. He’s spent the last 12 years recycling them into beautiful and elegant animal sculptures! For something that’s made from road-side trash, his pieces sure do sell for a lot – his sculptures can fetch anywhere from £200 to £10,000! Check out ...

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Solar heating with stylish glass roof tiles

In 2009, the SolTech Energy System was selected by a jury and nominated among nine as the year’s “Hottest New Material.” Based on votes by the people, the company’s glass tiles were awarded with a gold medal from the North Building Fair, Nordbygg. The glass roof tiles by SolTech System mark a revolutionary and award winning method of integrating solar ...

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