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Few Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look Like A Million Bucks

New York-based home stager, Cheryl Eisen, shares her best ideas for creating stylish interiors. After years of designing spaces for high-end real estate companies, she's spilling the beans on how you can spruce up your home decor without draining your wallet. Three is the Magic Number Eisen swears by a triptych to instantly up any room’s wow factor. ...

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Hanging the pictures

What is the correct way to hang a picture on a wall? It depends on the weight of the picture and the density of the wall. You will need picture hooks, which come in singles, doubles and trebles depending upon the weight of the picture, and a supply of hard wall hooks. You will also need a hammer, drill, raw plugs and screws for anything very heavy. Test the ...

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Wearables with Superpowers

Super strenght, hearing, artistry or expression. The future of Wearables is really a question for human enhancement. 1st idea: Kineseowear We’ve all heard of kinesio tape. Kineseowear is basically kinesio tape come to life. It’s a stick-on, artificial muscle, that could do anything from tapping you on the left shoulder to convey the next turn dictated ...

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Neuroscience Of Color: Brain don’t like yellow

Neuroscientist Bevil Conway thinks about color for a living. An artist since youth, Conway now spends much of his time studying vision and perception at Wellesley College and Harvard Medical School. His science remains strongly linked to art--in 2004 he and Margaret Livingstone famously reported that Rembrandt may have suffered from flawed vision--and in ...

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