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Brilliant ideas

Eureka! What a brilliant idea. It is the small changes that lead to big improvements. The details, only those inventions that apparently seem bizarre or nonsensical. Need to think again. An example: the toilet in combination with the sink that comes from Japan. The socket for the current round: each plug fits perfectly The washable keyboard. To respond to our ...

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Green furniture

In the spring blossoms corridor. A wall, a vertical garden made from green profile. The company mounts a structure of plants with fertigation system, namely that the mixture of water and fertilizer. The plants grow and should be pruned.   To grow potatoes and herbs even in small homes metropolitan Roots by Mut Design: a modular system ...

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Famous artwork transformed into buildings

How would a building designed by Miro, Dali, and Andy Warho look likel? Iconic works from artists including Piet Mondrian, Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Marcel Duchamp and more are reinterpreted as cross-sectional drawings of buildings in this series from Italian architect and illustrator Federico Babina.  The project' "Archist", interpreting the language of the ...

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Bartender, why not?

Creations in movement is what those guys are while mixing our pleasures in a glass. But beside perfection of tastes, there is concept that describes their way to approach every single glass in much more profound and unique way. We appreciate to witness young business that consider every detail before letting it fly. Logo, web presentation, uniforms, way to ...

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Living in a bubble – concept of love

ATTRAP'RÊVES: The most original bubble hotel in France A cozy cocoon to rediscover the nights under the stars but without the drawbacks: goodbye humidity and exit small flying and crawling insects! An ingenious concept you can enjoy all year long even with bad weather! Each bubble has its own identity and the decor varies depending on the ambiance you want: ...

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White elephant

As an ultimate prove that there are no limits to what can be made out of a uncut square piece of paper Sipho Mabona plan to fold a life-size replica of an elephant. Over the course of several weeks the monumental sculpture is folding at the Art Museum in Beromünster, Switzerland. A team of three assistants were supporting him on this mission. During ...

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