The world’s most glamorous depot on market for £4.85million

Posted on February 23, 2016

In the 1920′s the vast space was used a depot for London’s grimy trams, but this Camden Town property has since been given a glamorous new lease of life. Fashion designer Ashley Isham, has transformed the former tram shed into a stylish home – and has now put it on the market for a cool £4.85million. Thanks to a glass ceiling, vast windows, a colorful art collection and exquisite lighting and design features the Singapore-born Isham has injected lashes of style into the industrial setting.

When Isham bought the house in 2012, it had already been converted into a residential property but according to the designer, it needed love and attention. He install plenty of lights and filled the place with his own quirky collection of sculptures and knick-knacks to change this dark place into very open and welcoming space.

Holding him self on the modern side,adding some Eastern sculptures and quirky antique that gives eclectic impression. 

The fashionista, whose celebrity clients also include Christina Aguilera, Zara Phillips, Florence Welch and Paloma Fath, tackled the transformation without the help of an architect, having had experience of three previous renovations. He moved walls and stairs, re plumbed, rewired and gave the house a total redesign – and overhaul. But before the project began he called upon a feng shui expert. The consultation resulted in him moving the main staircase – as walking under a staircase is ‘bad, bad luck’. He also moved the kitchen from the ground level to the top floor where the other entertaining rooms are located so he could cook and socialise at the same time. The old kitchen has now become a bathroom – complete with chandeliers and gold wallpaper. The five-bedroom, five-bathroom house has New York loft feel – and is split over four floors with open plan rooms and stairwells.The 5,000 sqft space has a bespoke-built German kitchen and is flooded with light from the glass ceiling vast windows.

Isham has since bought another loft space in Dalston, which he will soon be renovating. No doubt much of the fabulous art and character which he has brought to the space will be moving with him but the designer says he will happily recreate the look for new buyers.

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