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Epoch of Hybrid Furniture

Many designers where creating astonishing objects that are more like sculpture in our spaces and still providing "more for less".   Hungarian textile designer Kata Monus has created an experimental storage piece in which soft material is organically integrated with wood in a way that it breaks free of the customary standards of furniture manufacturing. ...

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All about pillows

Bricks of  NORMANN COPENHAGEN The pachwork gets geometric pillows Brick by Normann Copenhagen feature a mix of colors from the graphic sign. They measure 50x60 cm and are available in 9 colors. TRÈFLE OF FERMOB The old French style Aujourdhui ou Mardi sign Trèfle line parts Rapportées Fermob. It is a series of cusini suitable for in and outdoor ...

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Beautiful..but for what it serves?

A Greek architect, Katerina Kamprani for years delights in re-designing everyday objects, transforming them into pieces without utility, which, however, retain their shape (and intent) original. In this image, a watering ... that dries the plants.   The goal is to remove objects usability and make them uncomfortable, absurd, often unnecessary and ...

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When design is inspired by nature

From architecture to entertainment is now clear that the trend of the moment is that for creative green. Obviously he could not be immune the world of design, always attentive and often unexpected innovations. For this reason, pencil in hand, designers around the world have had the diktat as "green touch" from jewelery set the table with grass-green, the USB cable ...

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