Spain in Norway

Posted on November 2, 2014

Project of Spanish design studio Masquespacio introduce clamp between Spanish and Norwegian culture, perfect andalusian style for organic wine and tapas bar.

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Typically Nordic light oak flooring, walls and ceilings painted white wood and furniture made ​​from natural materials.

Cualiti Photo Studio

Instead of the traditional Spanish terracotta tiles on the wall and the use of materials such as raffia, ‘”esparto” and the string.

Cualiti Photo Studio

The materials used for lamps and wall pointing to the Spanish tradition of craftsmanship while, on the other hand, the tissues of the chairs and plants bring a touch of green in the restaurant.

Decorative and symbolic is also the typical railing of the old balconies used to expose some of the bottles for sale. A detail of the white railing that adds a nostalgic touch to the white wall.

The solid wood furniture makes the room elegant and cozy and pillows designed by Masquespacio add just the right decorative space. The restaurant is serving traditional Spanish dishes and the wines they sell organic winery known Andalusian Cortijo El Cura.

retoque digital Carlos Huecas Arredondo

Cualiti Photo Studio retoque digital Carlos Huecas Arredondo

From the interior to the tablemats of paper: the design of the study Masquespacio involved both space and details. The study Masquespacio also created the corporate identity for the products on sale.

Cualiti Photo Studio

Cualiti Photo Studio Cualiti Photo Studio Cualiti Photo Studio



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