Epoch of Hybrid Furniture

Posted on February 9, 2016

Many designers where creating astonishing objects that are more like sculpture in our spaces and still providing “more for less”.


Hungarian textile designer Kata Monus has created an experimental storage piece in which soft material is organically integrated with wood in a way that it breaks free of the customary standards of furniture manufacturing. Textile goes beyond its application and becomes an independent component of the object, connecting the two ashen elements as a knitted structure running through holes.

8774477e691bd56e62d8ecd61b2d5b1a experimental_hybrid_furniture_6 Experimental-hybrid-furniture-by-Kata-Monus


By placing books in the tiers of a coliseum-like setting, American architect Edward Ogosta creates a book arena, a de facto reading area that also doubles as a space for office-wide meetings. Ogosta uses a quirky mix of indoor and outdoor elements in his furniture pieces. ree trunks become chairs that provide a respite for the individual, insulated from the rest of the office. The house-shaped desk hutches give ‘home office’ a whole new meaning. Hybrids of seemingly unrelated pairings is actually similar to the multi-functional furniture we’ve written about before — only the secondary function is on a more abstract level. Designed for a creative agency, the idea behind the hybrid furniture is to “stimulate new levels of creativity in its users” by providing new “experiential possibilities of in-habitation”.

Hybrid-office-furniture-by-Edward-Ogosta-1 Hybrid-office-furniture-by-Edward-Ogosta-2 Hybrid-office-furniture-by-Edward-Ogosta-3


The Hanger Chair by Philippe Malouin is a folding chair based on one of the ultimate storage systems: the modest hanger. It allows us to store clothes in an orderly fashion. Most houses or flats are equipped with a wardrobe to receive the object. By morphing the function of the hanger with that of the folding chair, a new hybrid is born: a Hanger Chair that has a function, even when not in use, to store your clothes in an orderly fashion.

hanger_chair_designrulz-1 hanger_chair_designrulz-cover1


When Iranian-born industrial designer Khodi Feiz became interested in hybrid furniture Moment was created. He wanted to make something that is relaxed in nature so he explored the idea of designing a lounge chair which combines a sculptural, fluid-shaped seat with a useful articulated tabletMOMENT, produced by OFFECCT, is a chair which comprises an asymmetric seat structure with a small integrated table surface attached to the arm. The surface pivots 180 degrees between an ‘opened’ or ‘closed’ position according to the whims of the user. The pivoting ‘tablet’ supports perfunctory activities: acting as a platform on which to position your laptop; a prop for documents, a notepad or one’s mobile phone; or a resting place for a cup of coffee or impromptu lunch. Its existence is rational and entirely intuitive, offering a helping hand to anyone seated within it.

Khodi-Feiz_3 Khodi-Feiz_1 - Copy offecct_moment_khodi-feiz01 - Copy

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