Brilliant ideas

Posted on March 22, 2014

Eureka! What a brilliant idea. It is the small changes that lead to big improvements. The details, only those inventions that apparently seem bizarre or nonsensical. Need to think again. An example: the toilet in combination with the sink that comes from Japan.


The socket for the current round: each plug fits perfectly


The washable keyboard. To respond to our carelessness (or that of colleagues) Washable Keyboard Logitech has produced the K310, a keyboard that you soak in water up to a foot.


The key that shows the documents stored is called U Transfer Usb, designed by Yiyan Cao, with touchscreen display and a female connector to transfer data directly without using a PC.


Here’s the bowl to taste the granola for breakfast, without it becoming soggy after a few seconds.


Tea Bag Buddy is made ​​of silicone and acts on a variety of fronts: squeezes the bag protects the tea from cooling during the infusion, stop the thread label and contains the wrinkled bag and spoon while we enjoy the hot drink.


The tent with the solar panel Katabatic Power.



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