Between Brazil and Europe

Posted on July 25, 2014

The large living room on the ground floor is the flagship of DM House, a mansion of St. Paul dating back to the seventies, restored, enlarged and decorated by Guilherme Torres . The architect wanted to integrate into the spirit of the typical Brazilian house, furnishings and materials from Europe.

MD House is a villa of 370 square meters on two levels. On the ground floor Torres has entered the kitchen and dining room in one room that communicates with the living area. At the top level space are five bedrooms and a second living room with terrace.

The glazed ceramic wall that is the backdrop to the dining area gives light and color to the entire room. The concrete table, a project extemporaneous Torres born by chance during the restoration work, takes up the finish on the floor, which extends over the entire surface of the house.

The architect Torres has transformed the ground floor room, which was once used as a wine cellar, living in a very bright, thanks to the triple exposure of the garden. The large openings profiled black outline of suggestive pictures that allow nature to come into the house, itself becoming part of the furniture.

Among the sofas in the living room are placed on the table CesarMinotti , design Rodolfo Dordoni and two ottoman Spin Turkeys , design Claesson Koivisto Rune. On the bottom floor lamp FortunyPallucco , the original edition of the early twentieth century.
All the furniture is based on the contrast between warm and cold tones and on the combination of vintage and contemporary pieces (or reissues) that have been purchased in London and brought to St. Paul when the family moved to Brazil.
The real star of the dining area is the concrete table designed by the architect Torres. Around it are distributed sessions CH24 Wishbone Chair by Carl Hansen & Søn, designer Hans J. Wegner. The suspension blue retro shapes placed on top of the table is Discocó by Christophe Mathieu for Marset.










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Photo Denilson Machada (MCA Studio)

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