Bartender, why not?

Posted on March 11, 2014
Creations in movement is what those guys are while mixing our pleasures in a glass. But beside perfection of tastes, there is concept that describes their way to approach every single glass in much more profound and unique way.
We appreciate to witness young business that consider every detail before letting it fly. Logo, web presentation, uniforms, way to speak and discretion their lighting up while working. Perhaps cocktails are increasing my satisfaction, but it was simple needed to say that they did a great job with their school, every single presentation they were maintaining.
4 guys developed the concept IPAK (translation from Serbian: Though) giving sense and presence while working to every letter: I – idea, P – plan, A – action, K – client. Four guys for four letters..complementary as they showed they are. Bravo!
You can see more at
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