Around the World with the most beautiful public baths (and strange)

Posted on May 6, 2014

Let’s stop for a time to consider only the bathrooms. Because even the public toilets can be works of art. In their own way. Here are the ten most beautiful, selected from throughout the world, as well as a futuristic design and sophisticated, they are also eco-friendly and functional.

The toilet in the park in Hiroshima, a colorful series of baths inspired by the Japanese tradition of origami.

hirosima hirosima2


Public toilets in Wembley, London. Simple but functional: only na sore, far from the stadium.


Look like a sculpture, but the bathrooms are along the lake shore of Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas.

texas texas2In Norway, located on the tourist roads that lead to the Arctic Circle, Manthey Kula study of these toilets are inspired by the contours of the coast of Norway.


Kumutoto bathroom in Wellington, wins Architecure Award 2012.

well well2


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